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How do I know if I have been mis-sold?

When it comes to misunderstood, misrepresented and mis-sold contracts for products that fail to meet expectations, few industries rival that of timeshare. As such here at MyTimeShareClaim we have made this our primary focus.

  • Your contract was signed in Spain, especially the Canary islands.
  • You paid ANY money within 14 days of signing your agreement.
  • Your contract is in perpetuity.
  • Your contract lasts for more than 50 years or has no end date shown.
  • You were sold ‘floating’ weeks.
  • The timeshare was not registered in the land registry.
  • You were not provided with the exact details of the occupancy rights.
  • You feel that you were pressured in anyway.
  • You were asked to take finance to pay for the timeshare.

Why choose us?

European Consumer Claims have been supporting European timeshare owners with contract relinquishments and contract claims since 2016.

Our success lies in the experience and expertise of our team and the strong relationships we have developed with third party timeshare lawyers and industry experts.


Our team have many years of experience and have helped thousands of timeshare owners to release themselves from unwanted timeshares all over the world.


Our success is evident with many successful judgements (plus over 1000 more in process) and millions in successful court compensation awards to date.


Our reach is worldwide, we contract the services of expert timeshare release & claims consultants and lawyers operating from a growing network of offices globally.


Our mission is to continue to build on our success to help thousands more timeshare owners who wish to rid themselves of unwanted Timeshare.

“ECC have helped thousands of timeshare owners release themselves from unwanted timeshares all over the world, and to recover money where possible.”